Expanding digital horizons: meeting of Smart Cities and Kazakhtelecom leaders

As part of developing the digital ecosystem and strengthening technological leadership, a significant meeting was held between representatives of Smart Cities LLP, a member of the AITU digital ecosystem from BTS Digital, and Kazakhtelecom JSC. The event took place in the "Marketing Academy" context and was marked by a discussion of the IT development strategies for the coming years.

Strategic Partnership

The main focus of the meeting was discussing and planning the further development of cloud services and solutions. Kazakhtelecom, which holds a leading position in the market of digital services in Kazakhstan, emphasized the strategy of retaining and strengthening its positions through innovative technological solutions. In particular, cooperation under the project AITU Cloud plays an important role in this process.

Goals and prospects

Within the cooperation framework, over the next three years, Kazakhtelecom plans to significantly increase its share of the market by doubling the number of cloud product offerings for both B2B and B2G segments. This expansion implies an  increase in the number of services and a qualitative improvement in self-service platform solutions, which will allow consumers to connect to cloud services and make purchases online more conveniently.

Closing remarks from the CEOs

Chief executives of the companies - Mr. Kuanyshbek Esekeev, Chairman of the Management Board of Kazakhtelecom JSC, and Mr. Nurtay Abilgaliev, General Director of Smart Cities LLP and BTS Digital, expressed confidence in the successful development of the discussed directions. Both parties emphasized that joint efforts will help to find the most qualitative and practical solutions that open new perspectives for digital progress in Kazakhstan.

Stay tuned for more updates on this and other areas of development of the country's digital economy.