The e-Otinish project was recognized as the best project in public administration

Recently, at the Digital Bridge 2023 forum, the opening ceremony of the annual National Competition "Qazaqstan Project Management Awards-2023" was held, where eOtinish was recognized as the best project in public administration. eOtinish is a service for filing complaints and appeals to government agencies.

The award ceremony consists of eight stages: acceptance of applications and reports from participants, individual assessment, team assessment, first jury meeting, virtual interview of assessors with past participants, determination of finalists, preparation of finalists for participation in the award ceremony and the actual award ceremony of the finalists.

Applications for the competition are submitted in three categories: "Best Project Office", "Best Project" and "Best Project Manager". The winners are also determined and awarded special prizes within the Competition nominations: "Best gender project", "Best child-friendly project"; "The best PM trainer (consultant)." In each category, "gold", "silver" and "bronze" winners will be determined.

"Qazaqstan Project Management Awards" has been held in Kazakhstan since 2020 and is aimed at supporting project teams and assessing their achievements in the field of project management.

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Владимир Фидлер

Vladimir Fidler
director of business development at BTS Digital
"We congratulate everyone who participated in the project — physically, mentally! We made a cool social platform".

Achievements of the eOtinish service in numbers:
  • More than 4 million hits in 2.5 years
  • More than 500,000 users per month
  • CSAT (citizen satisfaction with response) — increased
  • From the beginning of the year from 47% to 62% for the year
  • The share of online applications increased over the year from 32% to 61% (more people submit online — they save time)