Regional Pitch Day by Technovation Kazakhstan

As an IT company, we are committed to supporting and inspiring the next generation of technology leaders. Therefore, we are pleased to sponsor Regional Pitch Day by Technovation Kazakhstan, a global volunteer program focused on girls in the field of technology.
This is not just an event, it is an opportunity for schoolgirls to become entrepreneurs and innovators.

They create mobile applications and artificial intelligence algorithms and address social problems in our society.

We took part in the judging, where we evaluated the really cool work of the girls. And we were impressed by the level of creativity and proficiency of each team.

During the project, the participants learned how to code and design creative solutions, as well as developed public speaking skills, the ability to be confident on stage, present a product skillfully and answer questions of the jury members. It was inspiring.
It was difficult to judge, because each of more than 40 works in the Senior and Junior segments deserved special recognition. However, this is a competition, and we selected two teams, which on behalf of BTS Digital were awarded with prizes and certificates for internships in our company. Congratulations! Let this be the first step towards their great achievements!

We wish all the participants of Technovation Kazakhstan success and further victories! Let's make the world a better place through technology together!