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BTS Digital ecosystem

BTS Digital develops digital products and services needed for the everyday life

BTS Digital ecosystem is open for partners. We are ready to mutually advantageous cooperation aimed at directing common forces to improve everyone’s life. We believe that our partners share the Company’s values and are ready to change this world together with us.

We would be glad to cooperate with you!

Doing business with BTSD

  • Aitu

    A messenger with an audience of over 500,000 active users. Business promotion in a separate channel, an integrated wallet with one-click payment, bots, ads and many other opportunities to attract new customers.

  • AituApps

    AituApps is your mini-app in the messenger, where over 100 thousand active users can see your products or services and become regular customers.

    We will attract clients for you free-of-charge!

  • Digital ID

    Online person identification. The possibility to receive data online using biometrics and phone number. It is convenient for cutting deals and signing contracts, recruiting staff, making financial transactions, and controlling access to premises.

  • Fiscal24

    An alternative to cash registers and fiscal data recorders. The service allows issuing invoices and fiscal sales receipts on a mobile phone or a computer, without being bound to a shop or an office. Cash transactions may be tracked from anywhere in the world. Shift transactions are saved in a log.

  • AituPay

    A mobile wallet for secure transfers and payments from anywhere in the world

  • Lime

    A service for developing chat bots for business.

    It will help increase online sales and improve the service quality. Receiving orders, selling goods and services, consulting, collecting data are a part of processes that may be automated using chat bots.

  • HappyFood

    An application for picking and paying orders from shops. It is launched as a separate page on a mobile phone, tablet and computer.

    Orders are picked online, free door-to-door delivery.

  • dosMart

    A platform for attracting new customers, increasing sales and loyalty to companies offering FMCG products.

  • OnayBazar

    Delivery of fresh products at wholesale prices. Complete marketing and advertisement for partners. Support at all stages.

  • Касса24

    E-payment, chat bots for fiscal sales receipts, online cash register and delivery service. A must-have tool for entrepreneurs and service providers. 15,000 terminals are installed all over Kazakhstan.

BTSD cooperation with the state

  • Aitu City

    A platform for citizens to appeal to local government bodies, i.e. akimats and utility service providers. Joining Aitu City means being open and close to citizens. Log on is free.

  • Suraqtar

    A community of experts aimed to help people in various life situations. This platform allows users to find answers to any questions, share knowledge and experience.

  • Aitu Birge

    Official information on COVID-19. Add this widget to your website, so that people could see reliable information on coronavirus treatment and diagnosis.

We are open for cooperation

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