About us

BTS Digital was established in 2018. The company develops digital products and services needed for the everyday life and cooperates with private companies and the public sector.

Aitu ecosystem was developed to unite society, business and government. Such a digital synergy is essential in modern realities.

BTS Digital’s mobile apps are used for communication, online shopping and payments, and appeals to municipal services.

Aitu projects

Digital ID is a person identification tool allowing to receive data online using biometrics and phone number

AituCity is a platform for open and frank dialogue between the state and the society. It allows discussing the decisions which affect each of us. Aitu City shapes the civil society.

E‑commerce is designed to support SMEs. Entrepreneurs optimize expenses and consumers make best buys. E‑commerce helps start and develop business.

AituPay is a solution for В2В and В2С clients. Digital payments ensure transparency and increase revenue.

250+employees from 8 countries united by a common dream

200+internships for young specialists. The best ones became a part of our team

15+important products to improve people’s lives

50+meetups held to develop the IT industry

And we have achieved this in only3years

Our values

user value


Everything is about and for the user

purpose value


We are inspired by what we do

team value


Each one’s potential is unlimited and together we can do more

courage value


If it is thinkable, then it is doable

transparency value


Openess and honesty with each other

User icon


Everything is about and for the user

The user is our compass and guiding light. It is essential to ensure the user’s convenience at all levels, so our services are fast and user-friendly.

Transparency icon


Openness and honesty with each other.

All the team members are aware of the company’s objectives and plans. We do not withhold data, hide files or talk behind someone’s back. All decisions are taken collectively. Everyone’s opinion matters.

Team icon


Each one’s potential is unlimited and together we can do more

Together we are a strong team of professionals who learn from each other, share experience and knowledge. We are driven by the idea of giving people the opportunity to live better lives.

Sense icon


We are inspired by what we do.

Everything we create is purposeful and designed for the user’s convenience. We have clear objectives and we know what they will result in.

Creating, solving big problems, being enthusiastic and materializing ideas - it’s all about us.

Courage icon


If it is thinkable, then it is doable.

For us, courage is a vigor to take on a justified risk for the sake of a common objective despite of risks. It is a courage to believe in an idea, accept a challenge and overcome any obstacles.

BTSD team

BTS Digital is a team of extraordinary, courageous and outstanding specialists from the Eurasian region. Everyone shares their experience and knowledge, is ready to listen to the other and give a helping hand. We are at ease together. We don’t have lengthy meetings, big bosses and closed office rooms.


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